LightLink is one of our first blockchain partners, helping us reach a wider userbase for our product and perform much needed testing for our first versions of DeFi Builder. In exchange we're focusing on helping more entrepreneurs deploy projects on LightLink through our modular builder and AI services.

LightLink stands out for its Enterprise Mode, manifested through the 'tx.gasPrice = 0' feature. This mode empowers the establishment of a gas station, effectively eliminating transaction fees for users within a specified timeframe.

LightLink is built on a proprietary stack and utilizes Etereum Optimistic Rollups alongside a Geth Client.

Due to its EVM compatibility, LightLink is a perfect match for DeFi Builder AI, and it is currently supported on our platform for your development enjoyment.

Due to its EVM compatibility, LightLink operates similarly to other EVM chains on DeFi Builder AI, so you can go through the same steps of:

  • Connecting your Wallet

  • Selecting a Template and Features

  • Writing a Prompt

  • Generating a Smart Contract

  • Building and Testing the Contract

  • Auditing the Contract

  • Deploying the Contract

Our AI Frontend Generator coming out in the next few months will also support LightLink, so stay tuned for that and any other updates in the future.

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