xDeFi is the first AI Module to start building on MultiverseX chain. Only at x.defibuilder.com


This guide will walk you through the process, from selecting your desired application type to describing customizations and finally generating the code.

Welcome to the xDeFi documentation for DeFiBuilder! In the modern age of DeFi, building and deploying decentralized applications has never been easier. With xDeFi, you can generate a variety of smart contracts ready for deployment on the MultiverseX chain using advanced AI technologies.

Remember to connect the multiverseX wallet before starting

1. Overview of xDeFi

xDeFi, a module of DeFiBuilder, leverages AI to provide users with a seamless experience in crafting customized smart contracts. It simplifies the DeFi application creation process, making it user-friendly even for those without deep technical knowledge.

2. Getting Started with xDeFi

To begin, navigate to the xDeFi section on the DeFiBuilder platform at x.defibuilder.com

3. Selecting Application Category

Choose the category of the application you wish to create. Current categories available include:

  • xToken: Generate a MultiverseX custom Token.

  • xNFT: Create a MultiverseX custom NFT.

  • xFarm: Generate a MultiverseX custom Masterchef.

  • xMarketplace: Design a MultiverseX custom Marketplace.

  • xLaunchpad: Create a MultiverseX custom Launchpad.

4. Features Configuration

After selecting the application category, you can choose from a range of features to integrate into your project. Available features include:

  • Token Minting

  • Token Transfers

  • Token Burning

  • Buy Fees

  • Sell Fees

  • Auto Liquidity

  • Anti Whales

Select the features that align with your project's goals.

5. Describing Customization

Input details like token description, supply, name, ticket, and other useful information that will guide the AI in generating the most suitable code.

6. Generating the Code

Once you've made your selections and described your customizations, simply click on the "Generate Code" button. xDeFi's AI will craft a tailored smart contract code for your project, which will be ready for deployment.

7. Deploying to MultiverseX Chain

After generating your code, follow the deployment instructions to launch your application on the MultiverseX chain.


xDeFi by DeFiBuilder offers a transformative way of creating DeFi applications. By streamlining the process and leveraging AI, it democratizes access to the DeFi space. Whether you're an expert or a newbie, xDeFi provides the tools you need to bring your decentralized visions to life. Dive in and start building today!

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