You've reached the most intriguing step, the deployment of your smart contracts. There is no coming back from here so make sure that everything you've set before is correct. Depending on the features you selected, the deployment form will contain specific fields. For example, the "Premint" feature of the "Token" module requires you to specify the amount you want to mint at deployment.

When specifying numbers in the deployment form, all amounts are automatically converted to 18 decimals. In case you want to integrate a token with a different number of decimals, please contact us.

After completing all the required fields, the deployment can be performed at the review step, which requires you to have some gas funds on the network selected for the current project. Please consult the chain's documentation for a faucet in case it's a testnet, or fund your wallet from an exchange on a mainnet. Easier deployment workflows, including sponsored transactions, will be added in the future.

Once you've deployed, your dashboard should include now the address and you can perform several quick actions, that would quickly allow you to manage the settings of the module.

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