Our Solution

We have worked tirelessly to fix the aforementioned problems, in order to give any person with a basic knowledge of DeFi and Tokenomics the opportunity to deploy their project in a intuitive, inexpensive and secure way.

Intuitive UI

In order to keep our product as user friendly as possible we have put a lot of focus on our UX/UI, making DeFi Builder the easiest platform to utilize in Web3. While most other "no-code" or low-code offerings will generally only offer Solidity modules, DeFi Builder offers a full development, including a beautiful front end for your project.

Cost Savings

In order to facilitate the adoption of DeFi Builder, we've also worked carefully on our business model, making DeFi Builder an economy of scale, through well priced options and small royalties on the final product, dropping the development costs for your platform by 20X compared to a typical Web3 development process. Paired with the time you will save this makes DeFi Builder an unbeatable option.


Our smart contracts have been thoroughly battle tested by us and utilized in the past for successful projects. In addition they have also been audited by several audit firms and private peer reviewers in order to solidify their quality. We will perform further community bug bounty programs and partnerships with other security firms in order to keep our security level top notch.

Modular Builder and AI Services

In order to offer as much freedom as possible, with DeFi Builder we offer an intuivite modular builder with battle tested code, and AI services that allow users to unleash their creativity.

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