💸Revenue Sharing

In Web3 it's quite rare to have systems where you make your investors feel like they are part of a real company. This is generally due to the fact that most projects are speculative and launching inflating assets, dilluting the user's "shares" of a project. We want to offer a module that can provide a solid solution for the average investor that wants to be more rewarded.

The Revenue Sharing module will allow you to give back to your investors, through a pool that distributes a % of platform revenue. The fees can originate from any of the modules deployed through our platform, giving your investors an extra reason to remain one of your loyal members.

Furthermore, revenue sharing will also have a locking period that you can select for user deposited assets, meaning this will be a great way for you to fight volatility on your token, by temporarily taking tokens out of circulation.

  • Use your token for the Revenue Sharing module and pick which asset you want to reward your users with

  • Select a time period when the Revenue Sharing Pool will be refilled, this will be done based on how frequently your project brings revenue on average

  • Select the duration of the Revenue Sharing Pool

  • Select a locking period for your users, helping your project by keeping native tokens out of active circulation

  • Refill the pool when it's empty

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