Keeping things fresh is key when youโ€™re running a DeFi project, and what better way to keep your users engaged than helping other projects with a launchpad on your platform? DeFi Builder allows you to deploy your launchpad page easily and configure launchpads for trusted projects that wanna launch through your project.

You will be able to:

  • Add info about the project launching

  • Customize the page

  • Select the asset used for the raise

  • Select the amount of tokens allocated

  • Select the amount of tokens to raise

  • Select between Overflow and Hardcap raising methods

Overflow Method

In the Overflow Raise Method you can set a Raise Goal, and a raise duration, and users will be able to enter the raise until the time expires. There is no limit on the amount of users that can enter, and if the IDO goes into overflow (past the raise goal), the Token Allocation will be split between participants based on the amount of assets they added, and excess raise tokens will be refunded to users at the end of the IDO.

The overflow method is fantastic for avoiding volatility when the token lists, and it is also important to build a larger hodler number at launch.

Harcap Method

The hardcap method is more simple, with a set Raise Goal that can't be surpassed. Once the goal is reached no more users will be able to enter the IDO, and once the timer expires tokens will be distributed and the project will be ready for launch.

The hardcap method is very good for creating hype and fomo for a new project, since people will want to enter as fast as possible because of the unsurpassable raise goal.

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