🖼️NFT Collection Builder

Our NFT Builder will allow you to craft your NFT collection from scratch following our no-code approach, so you can focus entirely on the looks of your collection. We'll take care of the rest.

Layer System

Each NFT will be organized on a Layer basis, similarly to photoshop. The foreground elements will be on the top layers, while the background elements will be on the bottom layers. Carefully stack them so all of your elements are in the right order.

Traits and Rarity System

You can add as many traits as you would like, each with various variations and rarity %. The more the merrier, while keeping in mind the mathematics of your collection, ensuring that each NFT will be unique and that all of the traits will be used. DeFi Builder also offers an extra Rarity System, that categorizes various rarity tiers for NFTs. This is what will allow you to calculate the boost % in farms if you decide to add NFT farming features to your platform.

Generate Your Collection

Generate as big of a collection as you would like and we will do all of the work for you. Once your colection is generated you can simply export it to your desktop and you will have all of the necessary files you need to launch your collection.

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