🧑‍🤝‍🧑Referral System

The Referral System module allows you to add incentives for marketers and shillers directly on your platform. Users that are referred to your platform by someone else will give a small % of farm rewards to the person that brought them to the platform. The rewards will also be minted extra, so the farmer will not lose any of their own yield in the farms. It's a win-win for everyone.

  • You can pick your % that you would like for the referral system (high % are not recommended as they could cause too much inflation to your token, do your tokenomics calculations well)

  • Rewards are not taken from the farmer that was referred but they are minted from the masterchef

  • To be valid, the user should deposit their assets in the farm without closing the browser after being referred

  • Once the referred user is set, the referral is valid for the entire farming period of the user, and it applies to all future farms

When launching a new project, the early stages can prove to be a challenging period due to the high costs of marketing in Web3. With the referral system you can mitigate this and attract marketers that believe in your team's vision. Furthermore this is a great way to test the real engagement of a marketer and see if their content and marketing strategies can bring a tangible impact to your project.

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