If you want some fun additions to your DeFi Platform or token, we have you covered. On DeFi Builder you will be able to easily deploy several minigames that can add more diversity to your token holder while helping your token health through burn mechanisms.

NFT Lottery

The NFT Lottery is a ticket system lottery that allows users to win 1 or more NFTs. The deployer can select how many NFTs to add, the duration of the ticket purchasing period, and start the draw. Lottery users will be able to buy several tickets, that can increase their chances to be selected in the draw. The tokens raised from the ticket sales can be sent into various wallets for various purposes (marketing, development, burns etc.)

King of the Hill

Our King of the Hill game is based on a last man standing concept. The last person to stand when the game timer expires is the winner. Users can enter the game by adding a pre-determined amount of tokens, and a timer will start running. Once the timer reaches 0, the last person to join the game is the winner that gets the prize pot. A % of the prize pot will be burned to help drive tokens out of circulation.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a double or nothing game where users can use their tokens to double them or lose everything on a coin flip. Similarly to the other minigames the tokens gained by the deployer from the game can be used for burns or other purposes for the project.

More minigames will be added gradually based on community demand and suggestions.

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