🛒NFT Mint Page

Another important module on Defi Builder will be the NFT Mint Page module, allowing you to go straight from the generation of your NFT collection, to the public minting part.

The Mint Page module will allow you to control various aspects of your sale, such as:

  • Add your graphical assets, customize colors and layout of the page

  • Select which collection you will be minting

  • Select if you want to have a whitelist, or simply a public mint (if whitelist you will have to add the whitelisted addresses to the settings)

  • Select Start Time for the mint

  • Select End Time (if the collection doesn't sell out, you can select whether you want to send the remaining NFTs to the deployer or simply burn them)

Once the NFT Marketplace Module is publicly available you will be able to easily list your collection on your own marketplace.

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